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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Configuring CoA: Juniper MX + FreeRADIUS

Recently I had to configure CoA on Juniper and was surprised by how vague the coverage of this topic is. Juniper's Day One on CoA is not bad, however, in my opinion, sometimes it's focusing on unnecessary details while missing the important ones.

As you probably already know, CoA, or Change of Authorization allows you to modify subscribers sessions "on the flight", without having to disrupt the session. CoA is usually used together with some kind of billing software, so you can implement all kinds of things - for example, implement time-scheduled rate-limiting (imagine, for example, that you as ISP provide a tariff that allows unlimited speed at particular hours and lower speeds at all other time), or abrupting internet access as soon as there's no money left on client's account...and so on.

My topology is as simple as possible and looks like this: